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AUGUST 27, 2022 
3:00 pm

This is the day! Join us in Celebrating the Sun, the Moon & Stars!

Sada Simran Singh Khalsa

Please RSVP to Cindi by August 20th

The Venue: Seattle Unity Church
          200 8th Ave N
                 Seattle, WA 98109

Come celebrate with us and Sada’s remarkable, generous, giving spirit!  Let us share the gift he freely offered, hold each other and honor him as we bid farewell… The image we will forever hold of Sada is with arms spread and his heart open wide as he embraces the love and light of the universe.

The Celebration of Life will include a commemoration service followed by a reception with Yogi Tea and appetizers. If you would like to give to the community in some way,
Please donate to 
Seattle Unity

All are welcome!

Sada Simran Singh ~ The Sun, The Moon, The Stars
He gifted his community with many things. Still, his lasting legacy, the quality most admired and thoughtfully reflected upon, was his mastery of the neutral mind and his developed emotional intelligence.

It was a rare circumstance in which Sada did not listen with neutrality. He almost always observed and acted without judgment. He led his life with curiosity, carrying the day with his positivity.

Consequently, people are attracted to Sada and the energy he exudes. Legions of students, friends, Sikhs, and family became his devotees in the best way: they became better people through emulation, intentionality, and osmosis. 

Sada’s tangible presence is sorely missed. And now, unencumbered by a physical body, his energy plays and dances around and through all who know him.


Guru Gayari Mission Statement

We are committed to creating sacred community where each person is encouraged to reach their highest and purest potential. Through practice and awareness, we can consciously evolve as individuals building meaningful, authentic, and lasting relationships.

Guru Gayatri Yoga and Meditation Center is a Washington State Corporation with a 501c3 non-profit teaching and charitable organization status with the following three-fold mission:
To make available the science of yoga and meditation to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.
To partner with community programs using the yoga sciences to address the pressing social needs of our time.
To establish the Guru Gayatri Yoga and Meditation center as a center for qualifying, training, and certifying teachers in the yoga and meditation sciences.

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Kundalini Yoga is a sacred technology of awareness with unique benefits to handle the problems of our times. In the body it produces vitality; in the complex of the mind it awakens intelligence and develops wisdom and intuition; in the heart it establishes compassion; in each person’s consciousness, it builds the clarity to act with fearless integrity. 

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Kundalini Yoga enjoys a broad spectrum of benefits.  Beyond the Yoga itself, Yogi Bhajan introduced the Science of Humanology by which humankind will learn to conduct itself to survive and thrive in these times of transition. Enjoy these articles, inform yourself, and broaden your understanding of this Sacred Science. 

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