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Looking for Guru Gayatri Events to Attend?

Yoga Workshops

A great way to exercise your Yoga Sensibilities and keep in good meditative shape, Yoga Workshops are regularly held at Guru Gayatri on an ongoing basis, and are open to people of all ages and skill levels!

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Yoga Classes

Learn more, expand the mind, and take your spiritual self further with Yoga Classes at Guru Gayatri. All Guru Gayatri classes are carefully structured to provide you with the training you need to facilitate spiritual realization.

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Yoga Kriya Exercises

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training is available to advanced Yoga Students wishing to embark on a new journey of spiritual sharing and oneness in our expansive universe. Taught by Yogi Bejan, Yoga Teacher Training is sponsored by the Kundalini Yoga Institute of America

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