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Finding Peace Navigating the New Normal

Saturday, July 11 @ 2:00 pm    |    Share:

A Kundalini Rebirthing Workshop with Sada Simran

Peace and Simplicity
Navigating the New Normal

A Kundalini Rebirthing Workshop with Sada Simran
Saturday July 11th 2-5:30pm… Phase 4 Safe Start

$45 Pre-Registration
For those at home $39.00/ Live Streamed

LOCATION: Nalanda West 3902 Woodland Park Ave N Seattle, WA 98103

Sat Nam Everyone!

Sada Simran Kahlsa Kundalin Yoga Guru GayatriAs we move from mass quarantines into Governor Inslee’s PHASE 4… we walk back into a world different than before. A new normal becomes the normal. What that is and what that looks like is to be discovered and defined each day. It’s not for us to judge but to witness and be present with this new reality… for only by surrendering to the new normal will we find our balance.

To truly walk with clarity and connection… we need our power, strength, and grit to be real with ourselves and face these times fearlessly. Please join me for an afternoon of Kundalini Rebirthing as we release the hidden memories that keep us from our clarity and strength and hold us in pain.

Imagine, one thought is equal to one-quarter ounce by weight. And in one wink of the eye, our brain produces one thousand thoughts. Just add up the weight during the day. How much weight do you live under? It’s a simple science.

The weight of this mental baggage, which Yogi Bhajan often referred to as “the scratches in our memories,” not only from this lifetime, but memories we bring with us from past lifetimes keep us seeing our new world as it is.

Join me for a most transformative afternoon of Kundalini Rebirthing. We will practice this ancient art and apply the Gong technology to relieve the burden of our subconscious weight and polish our memories to alleviate our pain. Expect a vigorous Kundalini Workout with extended meditations and Gong Layout!

Rebirthing Kriyas are unique in the Kundalini world for their transformational and cleansing qualities.


  • Release Anxiety in Your Life
  • Heal Past Traumas
  • Open Yourself to Forgiveness
  • Break Free of Old Habitual Habits

Re-Discover  your Innocence and Happiness

“This class is very hard, but when you go through the unloading, you will feel such a delight that all the ice cream you could want will look like nothing. But before that, it will be nothing but green chilies roasted on a fire. Hallelujah! Let us be with it, all right?”- YB

$45 pre-registration
$39 Live Streaming
Please bring your Yoga Mat, Blanket and Pillow for an extended Gong Layout
LOCATION: Nalanda West 3902 Woodland Park Ave N Seattle, WA 98103




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Finding Peace Navigating the New Normal
(Sada Simran)

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July 11 @ 2:00 pm

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Sada Simran
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3902 Woodland Park Ave N

, 98103

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