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Kundalini Re-birthing Workshop

Saturday, November 9 @ 1:00 pm    |    Share:

In Search of Freedom…  Removing our Subconscious Blocks

A Kundalini Re-birthing Workshop with Sada Simran
Saturday, November 9th 1-4:30 pm

What does true FREEDOM feel like?

Join us at Nalanda West in the Mahabodhi Room on Saturday November 9th at 1pm for a powerful Kundalini Rebirthing Workshop with Sada Simran.

Location: Nalanda West

3902 Woodland Park Ave N Seattle, WA 98103
$45 Pre-Registration $50 at the Door


Join Sada Simran on Saturday afternoon November 9th at 1pm for a powerful life changing event! In this Kundalini Rebirthing Workshop, Sada Simran will take us through a series of interlocking meditative states to direct the subconscious to release the painful imprints of our childhood, imprints that go as far back as the womb… and even back to our past lives which we carry forward to this day!

We will apply breath, movement, and specific yoga postures to redirect and renew our innermost Core Self.

Applying the dynamic power the Gong, we will then re-align our brain neurons to beam at three and a half cycles. Clear out your negative scripts of the past, “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t Belong”, and re-write your new one… Awakened, Rejuvenated, and Present to your Purpose.

Clear out old programming, dissolve deeply held blocks and fears, adjust your psyche, and awaken the sleeping beauty of your radiant spirit! Re-birthing Courses by Yogi Bhajan have long been some of the most talked about classes he offered in his 35 years of teaching.

“As Humans, we have a basic urge to connect. In Kundalini Yoga, we call it “Longing to Belong”, and yet most of us haven’t realized connection, and we walk thru life in fear. Afraid that we will be rejected, unloved, that we’re not good enough, or someday we will be poor, I’m not thin enough, strong enough, wealthy enough, not good looking. So long as we act out of fear we will always compromise our values and it’s our values allow us to live as whole-hearted people”.- YB

 Now join with Sada Simran as he takes you through the Re-birthing process to clear out our old stories of limitations, self-doubt, and fear….Life’s Blocks that keep us from fulfillment… and re-write a new one, Awakened, Rejuvenated, and Present to our Purpose.

“The idea of Re-birthing is to Release the subconscious, the storehouse of misery.” – Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Re-birthing    $45 Pre-registration  $50 at the Door
Please bring your Yoga Mat and a Blanket for an extended Gong layout.

Location: Nalanda West 3902 Woodland Park Ave N Seattle, WA 98103

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November 9 @ 1:00 pm

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3902 Woodland Park Ave N

, 98103

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