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Kundalini Yoga for Trauma Recovery

Saturday, March 2 2019 @ 1:00 pm    |    Share:

Kundalini Yoga for Trauma Recovery

with Sada Simran, Laura Merritt, and David Bradshaw
Saturday, March 2nd, 1-4:30 pm
Location: Seattle Unity 200 8th Ave N. 

Pre-Registration $45 At the Door $50

A traumatic experience can activate the nervous system’s “fight or flight” response and leave a person feeling anxious and as though they’ve lost a part of themselves. This activation can lead to problems with sleep, feeling irritable or on edge and can impact multiple areas of a person’s life. In these challenging times, many people are wondering how to recover from the effects of trauma. This workshop will offer guidance and techniques on how to reduce the debilitating effects from trauma.

When we are in physical, mental, or emotional pain, we often turn to outside sources for relief. These external outlets can easily become addictions. If we are not addicted to smoking, eating, drinking, drugs, or social media, then we can be addicted subconsciously to acceptance, advancement, rejection, emotional love, and on and on.

Feeling calm one minute and panicked the next, having a peaceful day today, but feeling depressed tomorrow…. Don’t we all long for control, normalcy, and consistency in our everyday life. But isn’t it amazing how hard it is to get there! The western model looks to reduce symptoms. In the yoga model, we look to reconnect with our most sacred self to inspire vitality and joy.

In the process of reconnection, we use different avenues. one of our main avenues is vitality. Vitality allows us to create change in our life because we feel grounded, we feel connected, rather than being fear-based, and as yogis, we allow the inherent connection to self to be awakened.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practice can change these self-defeating habit patterns. In Kundalini Yoga, we don’t mask the pain, but look to uncover and release the pain and trauma. This gives us the space to heal, to experience who we truly are, and to connect with our unlimited soul.

Join Laura Merritt, David Bradshaw, and Sada Simran for an afternoon of identifying, understanding, and moving towards healing our pain and imbalances. Accessing the Kundalini technology, we can learn the skills to reverse and heal the traumas of our past. Kundalini Yoga for Trauma Recovery will provide proven techniques for trauma recovery including: reconnecting with the Breath, Meditation and Movement.

David Bradshaw (Sat Shabad Singh) has a PhD in music and psychology from University of Washington, and Masters and Bachelors degrees from Indiana University. As research psychologist working with the Department of Defense Dr. Bradshaw oversaw a large website providing support resources on post-traumatic stress and other psychological concerns for service members, veterans, and their families. David has been a kundalini yoga teacher since 2007.

Laura Merritt, LICSW has worked in the mental health and wellness field for 18 years. As a licensed psychotherapist and certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, it is her mission to share practical, modern and proven strategies with all people, so they can improve their well-being and fulfill their greatest potential. www.goldenpathjourney.com


Sada Simran, Director of Guru Gayatri Kundalini Yoga Center is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. He studied directly under the supervision of Yogi Bhajan for over 35 years. Before moving to Seattle in 2007, he was acting director of Yoga West in Los Angeles, Yogi Bhajan’s home studio. In 2008 he returned to the Seattle area, reconnected with his high school sweetheart, Cindi, and together started Guru Gayatri Yoga and Meditation Center. http://www.gurugayatri.org

 “Love yourself. Love your soul and let go of the past. Past pain is keeping you in pain. You must understand that you have to build your character first. Care for yourself, be kind to yourself, and be compassionate to yourself. That is what you have to do.”

-Yogi Bhajan

Please bring your yoga mat and blanket. Also, bring your journal and pen.
Pre-Registration $45  At the Door $50
Sorry class passes not accepted.

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March 2 2019 @ 1:00 pm

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