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ReNew to be You

Saturday, February 23 @ 1:00 pm    |    Share:

A Kundalini Re-Birthing Workshop with Sada Simran
Saturday February 23rd   1-4:30 pm

Rebuild, Renew, and Rejoice!
Pre-Registration $45 At the Door $50

Spring is on its way!. Our long-wet Seattle winter  will soon give way to nature’s bloom and glimpses of sunshine will renew our hope that life does hold promise. As the heaviness of the clouds which hang over the Northwest are soon to release their rain, it’s time for us to release the mental baggage which weighs heavy on our mind and shapes our life.

It’s time to renew, cleanse and make new commitments to our Self. Our mental baggage has overshadowed our joy and happiness for too long. Yogi Bhajan often referred to this baggage as “the scratches in our memories,” not only from this lifetime, but memories we bring with us from past lifetimes; perpetual memories that weigh us down and keep us from living life fully.

This is Kundalini Yoga at its finest! If you want to make a leap in your personal and spiritual growth, consider an afternoon with Sada Simran and other fellow travelers for a transformative healing journey into self-discovery, and enjoy the deep meditative experience.

Yogi Bhajan spent almost 40 years teaching in the West. He worked tirelessly to relieve the American youth of our underlying grief and depression. This workshop was taken from his body of work. These Re-Birthing Workshops are profound in their transformational qualities and give us all hope that we can unload the pain or our perpetual memories to live healthy, to live happy, and to be whole.

Join Sada Simran on Saturday, February 23rd from 1-4:30 pm for a revolutionary yogic workshop in Kundalini Rebirthing. Yogi Bhajan’s Rebirthing Courses were among the most talked-about classes offered by him during in his 35 years of teaching in the West.

 “You are not your mind or your body. Both must be mastered to serve your higher consciousness, or spirit. Your spirit forms the core of your being. As no lamp can burn without fuel, so no life can flourish without a relationship to its spirit. The study and practice of yoga is meant to guide you to experience your true origin, which is infinity.” – Yogi Bhajan

$45 Pre-Registration $50 at the Door
Please bring your yoga mat, pillow, and blanket

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February 23 @ 1:00 pm

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Sada Simran
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