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Yogi Bhajan Birthday

Sunday, August 26 2018 @ 4:00 am    |    Share:

Yogi Bhajan Birthday Celebration
2 ½ Hours of Long Ek Ong Kar Meditation
Sunday August 26th 4:00-7:00am

Join us at 4am in Unity’s Chapel for this unique experience of chanting the Morning Call * Long Ek Ong Kars * No experience necessary!

Celebration EventOn the morning of his birthday remembrance, Sunday, August 26th, we will gather in the Seattle Unity Chapel at 4am for 2 ½ hours of the Long Ek Ong Kar Chant. In the Ambrosial hours we chant the sacred sound current, the mind moves into the meditative space, duality recedes, awareness expands, and a state of oneness prevails. If you are unfamiliar with this Mantra or with chanting, instruction the morning of will be provided for you!

It is said that chanting Long Ek Ong Kar’s, also known as Morning Call, Long Chant, and the Adi Shakti Mantra, opens all the chakras, charges the solar centers, connects the soul to the Universal Soul, and liberates us from the cycle of karma.


  • 4am Japji
  • 4:20 Yoga Stretching
  • 4:30 Long Ek Ong Kar Chanting
  • 7:00 Close ….Long Time Sun

The ambrosial hours are the ideal and most effective time of day to chant this mantra. It has been said that a person can attain liberation by chanting this Ashtang (eight-part) mantra correctly for 40 days, for two and one-half hours before sunrise (the ambrosial hours).

 “In the time period two-and-a-half hours before the rising of the Sun, when the channels of energy are most clear, if the Mantra is sung in sweet harmony, you will be one with the Lord. This will open the solar plexus, which in turn will charge the solar centers. The person will get connected with the Cosmic Energy, and thus will be liberated from the cycle of time and karma.”
~ Yogi Bhajan


Bring your yoga mat, and a shawl or blanket for your shoulders.

Love offerings accepted



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August 26 2018 @ 4:00 am

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200 8th Ave North
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