Gentle Yoga: Kundalini Yoga for Everyone

Gentle Yoga Sessions

Having overheard comments such as “Yoga is just not for me.” “There is no way I could do that! It looks like way too much work for me at my age!” “It hurts! ” I was inspired to create a series of “Gentle Yoga Classes” to share the benefits of a Kundalini Yoga practice with those either thinking themselves out of shape or too old to experience a yoga class .

Gentle Yoga for All Generations

Primarily for those of “the above 50” generation, Gentle Yoga classes are open to everyone of any age or body type. I found talking to folks over 50, that most believe yoga is simply over their head. I found that many view Yoga is an exercise system that is geared to younger, more agile people.

How can you blame them! Look at the covers of the Yoga magazines at the check-out stands. Cover photos are of vibrant young people practicing difficult postures that only the smallest percentage of our population can do.

Everything about Yoga in the media and advertising seems to point to a younger generation. The ads for yoga, the clothing sold to yogis, the energy drinks and natural foods, all target the twenty something person. When you do find a mature person portrayed, the image is of a very fit adult.

Getting Started with Gentle Yoga

Where do you start when you are truly feeling out of shape and physically challenged?

Shifting into a mindset of physical and mental well being often needs a comfortable starting place. “Gentle Yoga” provides a gateway. I present teachings and experiences within the Gentle Kundalini Yoga classes that easily (and humorously) provide a heartfelt, spiritual connection between knowing the precious beings we are (whatever age or shape) and challenging the limitations of the body in which we live.

With a few exceptions, Yoga was brought to America in the late 60’s by the baby boomer generation due to its spiritual significance. Since then, most of the yoga practiced today resembles little of what the Yoga pioneers brought to our shores. The stylish, gym-like physical practice most call yoga is often a shell of what it was intended to be. Not only has yoga today lost much of its spiritual roots, but it has certainly passed by many in the baby boomer generation, of which I’m a member.

So, in walks Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga is unique. Kundalini yoga is not a posture based practice. Sure it’s great to be limber and flexible, and stretching does play an important role in maintaining one’s vibrant health, but yoga is more than that. “If flexibility was all yoga is about, then all the clowns in the circus would be yogis!” said Yogi Bhajan

Yoga is about awareness, intuition, and connection. It’s about personal radiance and personal integrity. These are the qualities one gains by practicing Kundalini Yoga and these qualities can be experienced in a single Kundalini Yoga class!

Experiencing a Gently Yoga Class

In “Gentle Yoga” all begin the class sitting in a chair, practicing simple movements and breathing exercise. Slowly and carefully, those who can make their way to the floor for some stretching and navel strengthening exercises; then back to the chairs to complete our movement activity.

In Kundalini Yoga, we match specific body movements with targeted deep breathing exercises to energize and the body and clear the mind. Matching the breath to body movements has many more benefits, but the effects are a feeling of vibrancy and aliveness, and yet at the same time feeling centered, balanced, and calm. It’s a unique feeling, a very empowering feeling of oneself.

We do practice some postures at various times within our “Gentle Yoga “class, but moving the body is simply more accessible to most than holding difficult postures.

After the exercises, everyone stretches out covered by a blanket on the floor for a deep relaxation period. While relaxing, the Gong is played, enveloping all with a vibrational and cosmic massage, taking participants into very transcendental states of relaxation. As you come out of relaxation and come back to your chair, we then move into meditation.

I really like the powerful meditation element that comes with every Kundalini class. The chanting of Mantra is a dynamic form of meditation that lights the candle of the Soul body. Chanting builds a sound current which vibrates within and around the body system stimulating Spirit. Kundalini Mantras are incredibly effective in clearing the mind of our mental chatter and aligns the mind with our Truth.

This is Gentle Yoga using Kundalini Yoga! What a delicious experience a Kundalini Yoga class is! Energizing the body and mind, using Mantra chanting to ignite our Spirit and bringing our aspects into balance. This is the Kundalini Yoga experience!

We invite you to come and participate in a class with us.

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