Happiness: Are You Ready?

Kundalini Yoga Students

Has anyone ever told you that happiness is a choice? Interestingly, not everyone is ready to be happy. Most people says they are, but many are not ready to give their anger and resentment from past experiences. Letting go and forgiving our past isn’t always easy. It can be hard thing to do, depending on what happened. Holding on to past resentments is a painful experience. It shrinks our world, narrows our horizons, and limits in our choices. It’s counter to our very essence.

Happiness is Our Birthright

A wise man once said, “Happiness is our Birthright”. Even the name we call ourselves confirms our true nature. Human Being……….the word “Hu” means light, “man” means mind, “being” means now! Our true identity is, “I am the light of my mind in every moment.” So the holding on to our past dims the light that we are, in this present moment. It keeps us from our full expression, from our abundance, from our prosperity. It subjects us to ill health and depresses our joy.

If you really want to make a change in your life, and are looking for a way to let go of those haunting feelings and thoughts from the past…..change the way you breathe. Create a practice for yourself each day that includes conscious breathing. Long deep breath. With each inhale, imagine that you inhaling the light and forgiveness of the universe. Each exhale imagine that you are letting go and forgiving the past. Make it an exercise each day. Set your time for 3 minutes of long deep breathing, expand the time to five minutes and eventually to 11 minutes. Commit yourself to practicing for 40 days and see what remarkable healing will take place.

Happiness and the Connection with Breath

When we choose to whole heartedly breathe, we consciously commit to happiness. Breathing with awareness, breathing with intention, breathing consciously……..is a choice. It’s a choice to live in the present and release the past. Each breath is a choice to take responsibility for this moment, to take responsibility for our life and life’s journey, wherever that may take us.

So practice wholehearted breathing every day. Your practice will confirm your commitment to happiness.

Healthy Habits = Happiness

When you wake up in the morning (after your shower but before you eat breakfast) create for yourself a routine of sitting and spending time with your breath. Sit in a comfortable chair with your hands in your lap, a light shawl over your shoulders to keep you warm and begin breathing long and deep thru your nose. Just you and your breath!

Put your timer on and sit with your favorite calming music. Begin breathing long and deep. The two nostrils of your nose have a direct relationship with the two hemispheres of your brain. As you breathe thru your nose, you’ll literally begin to balance both sides your brain and this in turn brings calmness and a feeling of oneness with yourself. It’s a good feeling.

When you begin your breathing, during the first few minutes, you’ll have to fight with your mind. Remember, mind follows breath, so when you begin breathing with intention, your mind will put up a fight………….keep breathing…..inhaling the Light……exhaling release and forgiveness…..a long and steady breath. Eventually, you will find the mind will begin to calm and become pliable to your will. What a wonderful thing that is.

The more you practice, the easier it will be to calm the mind. As you practice, you’ll vitalize the body as well as the mind. Your horizons will broaden, more possibilities and choices will come to you. You will begin the process of consciously choosing happiness and never again choosing to be the victim.

See you in class,

Sada Simran

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