The Ira Hoover Story

Ira Hoover joined Seattle Unity Community several years ago when his wife passed. A lifetime minister, he inspired the community with his wisdom and love. While he was here, he touched many lives deeply. Ira made his transition in 2016. Before he left, he had a vision to make an impact on the world.

Ira in his Own Words


To give the message a world wide distribution, for every t-shirt sold, one is donated to someone to wear & share the message “Just Be Nice”.

“Even if I need to put my high top converse tennis shoes on I will either give them out myself or ask people going to different countries to hand them out as well.” Cindi says.

Before Ira passed away Cindi asked him “How am I going to make this happen?” He told me not to worry he would be watching me and helping me all the way. So I asked him to get me on the Helen DeGeneres show he just smiled and chuckled. “Okay Cindi you’ve got a deal.”

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