This T-shirt was the vision of Ira Hoover. The message Ira first envisioned was “Just be Nice” and the t-shirt idea came into being. Ira and Cindi, of Guru Gayatri, collaborated to make it happen. Ira wanted to have a t-shirt that inspired kindess in the world.  The goal is to wear it, share it, and be it.

His dream was to see everyone become the embodiment of the message. While this may seem like a tall order, every idea starts as a seed and grows to its fullest potential. This is Ira’s wish for the world:  Kindness. Cindi helped create the T-shirt for Ira and told him she would do her best to spread the message. Be a part of Ira’s vision and become an ambassador today.

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To give the message a world wide distribution, for every t-shirt sold, one is donated to someone to wear & share the message “Just Be Nice”.

Purchase your t-shirts and bring the message to your world.