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Welcoming 2021
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A few days ago, I experienced a deep yearning; I wanted and needed to continue the tradition of the New Year’s Guru Gayatri class. It was important to me to uphold what Sada had started. I reached out to a few people and asked if they could help make it happen and I quickly realized that I wasn’t ready to embark on this journey; it was too soon. What began as an eager attempt to reach out, connect in community, and carry the torch was immediately met with deep pain and grief as I waded through the years of content, lessons taught, and articles written, all by Sada. The content released memories of Sada and it showed me what was no longer in play. I hit a wall. In a moment of deep grief and overwhelm, I prayed to Spirit and asked for help. My prayer was swiftly answered in the form of a phone call from one of Sada’s students. During our conversation, I was able to open my heart and hear the message that Spirit had for me…everything fell into place, and the “Soul of the Student” was born.

The Soul of the Student is the Grace-filled form of Guru Gayatri as it continues and grows. There was a time when Sada and I were talking, after he came off the ventilator, and I asked him about his experience in the other realm and what insight he gained for Guru Gayatri. Sada was adamant and clear that we needed to sit back, and let G.O.D.- Force (generating/organizing/deconstructing) guide us all the way. This God-life force is the one Teacher and we are students of the Student – the multidimensional realm of G.O.D – God will bring forward students in serendipitous ways that will be the heartbeat of Guru Gayatri.

Since this all just manifested, I intend to take some time and allow the understanding to sink in, to know what it all means for me and Guru Gayatri…. It’s the passion of the students and their zest for life that bring comfort, clarity and hope.

Sada Simran’s beautiful incarnation and his larger-than-life spirit are irreplaceable… it will naturally permeate Guru Gayatri as we continue. And all of us who remain in this Life will bring to Guru Gayatri new evolved energy and ideas, intermingling with Sada’s spirit and create anew.  I am reminded that the only thing we can ever be is ourselves, for that is what we have to offer. Collectively, as we have seen and witnessed over these last several months, the power, strength, capacity, momentum and determination of our Kundalini community is one that must be maintained and embraced, nurtured and developed then the collective legacy can live on.

Since Sada’s infinity-exit the outpouring, your messages, cards, letters, and flowers have been so lovingly received. Some of the gifts I have received are now on his altar. Sada has left an expansive space in all of our lives and with that, I hold you all close to my heart and weep with you. When asked how am I…I say; “working through it”. Thank you for being part of my life, for your heart-filled support, and may you have a joy-filled new year!


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