Sacred Sound Immersion

Saturday, March 17 @ 7:00 pm

 Special $35 Pre-Registration price $45 at the Door.  Registration is on the OmCulture purchase page

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Kundalini Yoga…Dancing… A Symphony of 15 Gongs…Chanting

Singing Bowls…Yogi Tea…Catered Delights

Spring Equinox is the time to burn intentions into your being and begin to live “as if” you’re on the way to making them happen. This evening we will utilize the Divine Energy of Breath and Sound to remove any and all obstacles that keep us from fulfilling our destiny. It’s time to put your attention on what you truly want to create. There is great momentum behind your intentions now, with the life force of Aries.

Timing is everything. By taking advantage of opportunities when the larger timing is right, you achieve a success. By using the principles of natural timing, the Spring Equinox can be a time of moving forward and initiating new directions that are important for you. This is a chance to set forth your wish list for the year. Clarify your intentions, plant them deep within your psyche, and witness their manifestations.

By accessing our breath and immersing ourselves in indigenous sound, we can truly reach the deepest part of ourselves to plant the seeds of prosperity. Join us for a multiple and extended Gong Experience as we bath in the cosmic frequencies of balance, health, and abundance.

Our evening will begin with Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness, followed by deep relaxation with a Sacred Sound Immersion. You will be surrounded by multiple Gongs with Sada Simran, Michael Dowd, and the illustrious Wayne Marto …Singing Bowls and Shamanic Drumming from Andrea Carino and Shantae from Sound Station …all in rhythm to invoke a powerful transformational journey!

Join us Saturday Evening to celebrate the Spring Equinox in true Kundalini fashion. And join us afterwards for Yogi Tea and catered treats, all in rich community …It’s bound to be a fun evening for all, as we bathe in the cosmic frequencies of health, elevation, and expansion!

Kundalini …Move …Breathe …Dance …Deeply Relax…Gong…Chant …Meditate

$35 pre-Registration $45 at the door

Bring your blanket and pillow for an extended layout.
Location: OmCulture 2210 N Pacific St, Seattle, WA 98103