Yoga Practice makes Perfect

Kundalini Yoga Practice

Times are moving faster. The Information Age demands ever more. We struggle when the external demands are greater than our internal capacity to deliver and our reserves are spent. Caffeine and energy drinks have become our daily habit just to keep up. Unfortunately, when we ingest outside stimulants this creates a bodily fatigue that tires and saps us of our light, joy, and creative energy. Each day we find ourselves up playing catch up to our own energy. It’s cruel cycle.

Your Practice: A Holistic Approach

We can live Healthy, Happy, and Whole, but it takes a holistic approach. Diet, exercise, and a meditative practice. Breath as a meditation is a profound tool for restoring our natural vitality. Breath also can be a natural tranquilizer. As you learn to breathe consciously and develop a relationship with your breath, you’ll be able to manage your energy levels from within and not have to rely on outside substances.

Create a daily practice of conscious breathing, even if just for a few minutes to start. The breathing techniques in Kundalini Yoga are for you to experience every day. Create for yourself a time and place for your practice. Early morning before breakfast or after work before bed are the best times. The same times each day are best. Put these times in your schedule and find a favorite place in your home to practice. The same place is best, a favorite room or a quiet space. You can sit in a chair or on the floor, it doesn’t matter. As you begin your practice, begin by appreciating that you are doing something good for yourself. Remember, 75% is just starting!

Getting Started with Your Practice:  The Simple Approach

Now comes the practice. Sit with a timer and start your practice. Practice what you learned in class. Begin with the warm up exercises we do in every class and eventually move into practicing your favorite Kriya. The same is true for a mantra meditation or breath pranayama. As you begin practicing, engage with a wholehearted effort. A wholehearted effort is all that’s required. From there you will proceed into a wholehearted experience.

Make Patience a Part of Your Practice

Here’s the first rule for establishing a consistent practice: Be patient! Be patient with yourself and your practice. Practice forgiveness with the days you miss or the days you are not so good. It’s all part of the journey. Once you begin to practice on a regular basis a funny thing happens….…you develop a habit! With an established habit, your practice will flourish and become second nature to you. Congratulations, creating a habit of drawing on your own natural reserves will give you the ability to live life to the fullest. It will put you in the driver’s seat of your life and give you the guidance and insights needed for your prosperity!

See you in class,

Sada Simran

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