Guru Gayatri of Seattle

The Guru Gayatri Yoga and Meditation Center is dedicated to spreading the knowledge of the ancient science of yoga and related teachings for the benefit of physical, mental and spiritual health, without regard to sex, race, creed, religion, nationality or political, social or economic status.

Our ultimate goal is to move the technologies of Kundalini Yoga out from the classroom and into everyday life.  These timeless techniques of movement, breath, and meditation can be practiced individually and can also be incorporated into community programs to address the many pressing social crises of our time.

Our Vision:

Our World Healthy, Happy, and Whole……  at Ease and in Balance.

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to creating sacred community where each person is encouraged to reach their highest and purest potential. Through practice and awareness, we can consciously evolve as individuals to build meaningful, authentic, and lasting relationships.

Guru Gayatri Yoga and Meditation Center is a Washington State Corporation with a 501c3 non-profit teaching and charitable organization status with the following three-fold mission:

To make available the science of yoga and meditation to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

To partner with community programs using the yoga sciences to address the pressing social needs of our time.

To establish the Guru Gayatri Yoga and Meditation center as a center for qualifying, training, and certifying teachers in the yoga and meditation sciences.

Because Kundalini Yoga is not a posture based yoga, it can be practiced by anyone regardless of age or physical condition. Kundalini Yoga provides alternative answers to the prescription drug solutions we now enjoy.